Denver, hey!

October 3rd, 2006

In three weeks I start a new job doing development for the Denver Post’s online news team. I’m excited. It’s my first programming gig, which means 1. I get to spend most of my time doing the stuff that interests me about online news, and 2. I have ascended to a new level of computer geekery.

The Post hired me to help get the site competitive with other papers its size. My job is a new position, and it’s one I believe more online news operations will be adding to their roster (if they haven’t already).

I’m looking forward to exploring a new city, to figuring out what makes local news in a big city tick, and to learning a whole heckuva lot. Winston-Salem has been treated me well, and it’s time to move on.

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4 comments on “Denver, hey!”

  1. 01

    Hey, congratulations. Don’t forget about us little people.

    Jon Lowder at October 3rd, 2006 around 11:06 am
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  2. 02

    Best of luck to you there. There was a great article in the Washington Post a day or two ago about being able to cycle around the entire city. Are you a bicycle fiend by any chance?

    Esbee at October 3rd, 2006 around 1:07 pm
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  3. 03

    Aw sweet! Congrats, Joe!

    Will Sullivan at October 3rd, 2006 around 1:57 pm
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  4. 04

    Yeah, I used to bike a bunch, but not so much anymore. Also, I’m not forgetting Winston-Salem: I’ve got a personal web project I plan on launching that indexes Winston-Salem 911 calls and makes the information more useful. Plus, Jon, I’m still subscribed to your blog :).

    Joe Murphy at October 3rd, 2006 around 5:02 pm
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