New Game: Elevator Roulette

November 22nd, 2006

I made up a new game at work today. There are five elevators, and I started guessing which elevator would be the one to take me up. Or down. You have to guess before the up-button gets pressed, otherwise you could listen for the whirring of the chose elevator moving and that would be cheating. I usually go stand in front of the elevator I pick to come and get me.

So, after a day of playing this, I gotta say: I’m really, really good at this game. I picked the elevator going up in the morning, the elevator going down for lunch, the elevator going up for coming-back-from lunch, and the elevator going up for the high-five’s meeting on the tenth floor. That’s four in a row, and by that time I was feeling pretty hot.

Coming back down from the high-five meeting though, I missed. Four for five ain’t bad, though, and on my way out for the evening I picked the right elevator, making my first-day total five for six. Five for six. All y’all haters out there, commence the bashing.

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2 comments on “New Game: Elevator Roulette”

  1. 01

    Yeah, but did you scream like a maniac inside the elevator just as its doors were closing? Because that’s still my favorite Joe elevator-related experiment.

    Lee at December 5th, 2006 around 3:02 pm
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  2. 02

    I tried my hand at elevator roulette. Instead of standing in front of the chosen elevator, however, I’ve been pointing at my selection a la Babe Ruth calling a home run.

    Unfortunately my success ratio isn’t as impressive as yours so I mostly end up looking like a jackass.

    +5 social deviant points.

    Sara at December 6th, 2006 around 8:43 am
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