Plan: Awesome Summer

February 12th, 2007

Winter? Don’t care for it. Spring? Those frigid Chicago springs turned me off on the concept. Summer? Awesome. The hotter the better. Walking back from the grocer yesterday I got an thought, and I’m laying out the start of that thought here. It’s a plan called…

Awesome Summer

The first question is: What makes for an awesome summer? Here’s what I’ve got so far, feel free to contribute your ingredients.

  • A good porch. What makes a good porch?
    • People,
    • comfy chairs,
    • an interesting view,
    • maybe a water balloon slingshot.
  • Road trips. Denver’s kind of in the middle of nowhere, so the destinations are fuzzy. That’s okay, heck, “south” could be a destination. But a car, or motorcycle…or, hey, lots of motorcycles are definitely necessary. If it’s a car, one with a sunroof would be good. And maybe a water balloon slingshot mounted on the passenger-side door.
  • Afternoon Drinking. Sarah says it’s legal to drink in Denver’s parks. That just seems like the parks department is asking for trouble, but hey, cool.
  • Frisbee, Miniature Golf. Could be paired with “Afternoon Drinking” for more fun. Adding “Water Fights” to Frisbee or Miniature Golf is also acceptable. (Via Sarah)
  • Water Fights. Last year this went hand-in-hand with Chicago. It could also be paired with afternoon drinking. I hope I don’t have to wait that long this time around. (Thank Tammy for the tip)
  • Fireworks. I don’t know what Colorado’s attitude toward fireworks is, but considering this state is a bunch of desert (and some mountains on the side), you’d figure Colorado wouldn’t care what you blow up. I might be optimistic. (Thanks for the tip, Laura)
  • Go-Carts.
  • Chicago. I’m going out there mid-July, so that’s in the works. Chicago’s the best in the summer, and it’s pretty darn good on vacation.
  • Vacation. Time to start working up those comp hours / saving up those vacation days now.
  • Getting stuff done. If you know me you’ve probably heard of that to-do list I’ve got running. To-do lists of non-awesomesummer related activities have no place in summer. So, while “getting stuff done” doesn’t have to do with summer, it’s a necessary ingredient for awesome summer.
  • People. Summer alone may be peaceful, but it probably won’t be awesome. So if you’re in Denver and interested in coming along with Awesome Summer, hey, drop a line.

That said, I’m sure there will be more ingredients added to Awesome Summer as it gets near. Also, in light of this Lame Winter, I may be writing this season off while I conjure up some preparations … and if you have an awesome porch, let me know.

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5 comments on “Plan: Awesome Summer”

  1. 01

    The Clayton Manor boasts the finest porch in the downtown Denver area… The Manor also hosts funbelievable summertime watergun fights and backyard movies (film projection on to our back porch + popcorn + beer + comfy chairs = awesomeriffic). For our last summer here, we are planning to kick it up a notch, too.

    Road Trip Suggestions:
    Close-ish: Manitou Springs Penny Arcade
    Middle distance-ish: Bishop Castle, May Natural History Museum of the Tropics (locals just call it the ‘Bug Museum’)
    Long-ish: Great Sand Dunes

    Tops on my list this year: Mesa Verde, Best Western Movie Manor Inn (drive-in movie motel!)

    30 Helens agree: summer is unbelievably awesome.

    Tammy O. at February 13th, 2007 around 9:18 am
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  2. 02

    F-I-R-E-W-O-R-K-S. From your front porch.
    Not just necessary for an Awesome Summer, but necessary for Awesome (fill in the blank: New Year’s Eve, Birthday, July 4, Labor Day, Just Back from South Carolina Where They Sell Awesome Fireworks).

    And Joe, your Denver Summer may be Awesome, but it won’t be as Hot as a North Carolina Summer.

    That said, I’m ready for summer anywhere.

    laura at February 13th, 2007 around 8:35 pm
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  3. 03

    Other possible ingredients to increase awesomeness:

    *seasonal baking. Example: berry picking followed by pie making. Also, key lime pie. Not that we can pick limes in Colorado, but key lime pie is delicious and summer-related.

    *Summer sports: frisbee and miniature golf come to mind immediately.

    *afternoon drinking (can be combined with aforementioned porch). Also, did you know that it’s legal to drink in the parks in Denver?

    *Also, my car has a sun roof.

    I hate winter.


    sarah at February 17th, 2007 around 11:11 am
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  4. 04

    *Outdoor concerts: there is nothing quite like a sunny day where you have to squint to see the stage while holding a container of some sort that is hiding an alcoholic beverage inside. The scenario seems like a college flashback, but reliving your youth is also what summer is about.
    *Flip flops: fashion is important, even in the summer. Flip flops always put me in a casual mood which is what summer represants. You also seem to be really excited when you don’t have to wear shoes, so flip flops definitely need to be part of the plans.
    Side note- some of the best fireworks I’ve seen have been in Colorado.

    Jen at February 28th, 2007 around 9:15 pm
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  5. 05

    *Hammocks. Let’s not forget about hammocks! (But do let’s forget about the times we’ve launched ourselves at hammocks, miscalibrated our velocity and flipped all the way around. Yep, got a scar on my knee. Good times!) Bonus: Joe’s parents could help him make one from scratch!

    *Celing fans. And fans with rotating heads. No other way to sleep during the summer. Ooo, and sleeping outdoors! (I suppose drinking could be involved in that, too.)

    *Sun tea. I don’t care that some stuffy health people say it’s bad to leave tea out to brew in the sun. Those people are not your friends, because they don’t want you to have any fun.

    *Walking around with bare feet.

    But the biggest element missing from the list of elements necessary for a good porch is a swing. All porches should have swings. Oh, hey! That reminds me:

    *Tire swings! Especially the tire swings next to lakes that you can use to launch yourself into the water.

    Lee at March 10th, 2007 around 7:40 pm
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