Tetris tournament rookie of the month

March 5th, 2007

…but before getting to the nitty-gritty of this week’s Tetris tournament, here’s a couple worthy quotes from the event:

  • “He’s an artist, and Tetris is his canvas.”
  • (Near the end of a match, from the Tetris play-by-play announcer) “This isn’t a question of who wins — it’s a question of who loses.”

The tournament was double-elimination, and I lost in the first round. Then I won the next five matches. In the semi-final round I faced the guy that beat me in the first round… my fingers were crossed for one of those “at first I was the student, but now I am the master”-type moments. Nope. Dude beat me, then won the tournament… but third place (out of 12) ain’t bad…

The tournament goes on the final Wednesday of each month, which is cool because my mom and dad will be in town for the next one, and my mom loves Tetris…

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6 comments on “Tetris tournament rookie of the month”

  1. 01

    On second thought, I think you should change the name of this blog to “Joe, Compete!”


    MK at March 5th, 2007 around 11:00 am
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  2. 02

    Hey, speaking as the 3rd place winner at the 2006 Rock, Paper Scissors Tournament, third place ain’t bad! But did you get a trophy?

    Lee at March 10th, 2007 around 7:44 pm
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  3. 03

    No trophy. First place scored 50 bucks, second place a t-shirt. Third place was me.

    Joe Murphy at March 11th, 2007 around 10:37 pm
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  4. 04

    You were robbed. Last month, the top four got t-shirts and tetris-themed mix CDs. So much schwag.

    sarah at March 14th, 2007 around 9:41 am
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  5. 05

    where is this tournament held at?

    hubs at March 15th, 2007 around 12:19 pm
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  6. 06

    Hubs, at Forest Room Five

    Joe Murphy at March 15th, 2007 around 6:01 pm
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