He’s got six big ideas

April 23rd, 2007

This month is poetry month (among other things that are being celebrated all month long I’m sure). This month I found a book of Robert Bly’s poetry. I found Robert Bly through this fascinating lit mag from North Carolina called The Sun, which came to me via Sarah. So yeah, I found the book, which I had misplaced that book last month, so that was cool. It’s called Morning Poems, and it’s a collection of poems Bly wrote soon after waking. Here’s one of them:

One Source of Bad Information

There’s a boy in you about three
Years old who hasn’t learned a thing for thirty
Thousand years. Sometimes it’s a girl.

This child had to make up its mind
How to save you from death. He said things like:
“Stay home. Avoid elevators. Eat only elk.”

You live with this child, but you don’t know it.
You’re in the office, yes, but live with this boy
At night. He’s uninformed, but he does want

To save your life. And he has. Because of this boy
You survived a lot. He’s got six big ideas.
Five don’t work. Right now he’s repeating them to you.

» Here’s another one of Bly’s: The Resemblance Between Your Life and A Dog

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6 comments on “He’s got six big ideas”

  1. 01

    Seeing someone else link the Sun Magazine makes me feel all fluttery inside.

    Sarah at April 24th, 2007 around 9:47 pm
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  2. 02

    I absolutely love this.

    Sara at April 25th, 2007 around 9:02 am
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  3. 03

    I’m so glad to see someone else likes Bly’s “Morning Poems”! Have you been reading Bly for long, Joe?

    By the way, Bly has an excellent collection of his commentaries on poetry called “American Poetry”. But perhaps you’ve already come across it.

    Paul Sunstone at April 29th, 2007 around 7:00 pm
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  4. 04

    Hey Paul, I just found Bly last month, so no, not long. I bet I’ll give a deeper try — funny, you’re in Denver, huh. That’s random.

    Joe Murphy at April 30th, 2007 around 7:41 pm
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  5. 05

    I met Robert Bly when I was fifteen at Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan. But I was a teenager, so I was determinedly unimpressed. 🙂

    Lee at May 2nd, 2007 around 8:35 am
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  6. 06

    Hi Joe, I’m actually in Colorado Springs, rather than Denver. But it’s still a small world, isn’t it?

    Paul Sunstone at May 4th, 2007 around 4:50 am
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