In case you don’t know (Denver’s Tetris League)

June 21st, 2007

The monthly Tetris tournament hit the fan last night. I filmed a bunch of matches (I don’t know about you, but watching video of competitive 3-minute-limit Tetris on YouTube is quite exciting). I also recovered from a round-two loss (it’s double-elimination), won my next 6 or 7 matches (including a “W” against Vinnie, who’s good and who I hadn’t beaten yet), and then failed to Leslie “Brick Wall” Volkar in the championship round.

Second place ain’t bad.

Check it out:

p.s. I can’t sign off without mentioning my first-round bout with Paul G. I’d never played Paul G, I’d just seen his action. Dude’s good. I was nervous — but I played my game. Keep it low, minimize damage when there’s no perfect fit, and when you put pieces on top of holes, don’t build on top of those holes. I stayed on top through the three minutes, but Paul pulled a photo-finish four-line tetris at the end, and I mean right at the end. At first it was ruled too late, giving me the win. But Sarah had videotaped the match (with my camera), so the video was consulted. That appeared to give the win to Paul G — however, that also called into question the accuracy of the judge’s timekeeping device.

So anyway, a one-minute runoff was declared. Most lines win. You can watch the tetris runoff here, and see the initial match with photo-finish here.

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3 comments on “In case you don’t know (Denver’s Tetris League)”

  1. 01

    Did you just wait to put this up until you placed in the top two?

    Sarah at July 6th, 2007 around 7:54 am
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  2. 02

    Do you use the old school controllers in the tetris tournament? Is the judging only on Lines/min…no emphasis on level played or points accumulated?

    Amanda at September 12th, 2007 around 10:35 am
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  3. 03

    It’s the Super Nintendo controllers, if that’s old school. We play two- or three-minute matches, so level doesn’t really matter, and points, well, I don’t even know if the Super Nintendo Tetris keeps track of points in two-player mode.

    Joe Murphy at September 12th, 2007 around 5:15 pm
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