Avett Brothers: Salina

August 28th, 2007

The Avett Brothers, live, Denver

Salina I’m as nowhere as I can be / would you add some somewhere to me, aww Kansas I’m kneeling, aw Kansas please.

Cleveland I ain’t never felt something so strong / been believing the words to my songs, Ohio I’m leaving, Ohio I’m gone.

Poughkeepsie hang up the telephone / I won’t answer your phone calls no more, New York quit calling, New York leave me be.

Changing the plans that I’ve been setting off / I’m scared by the way that my life’s getting gone, Carolina one day I’ll, some day I’ll come home,

Carolina one day I’ll, some day I’ll come home.

The Avett Brothers are a three-piece bluegrass / rock band from Concord, North Carolina (near my old Winston-Salem roaming grounds).

They played Saturday night in Denver, view the video from this song here, here or here.

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