Denver bands I saw for the first time Saturday that I would totally go see again

August 13th, 2007

Denver music saturday night on broadway uh-huh people

Saturday a bunch of local bands played the Denver Post Underground Music Festival, which was the biggest local music fest I’ve ever seen, and the most fun I’ve had on a Saturday in Denver. So much good stuff. Here are the ‘most interesting’ Flickr photos from the event. These are the ones I took. And these are the bands I’d totally go see again (ranked by yesses):

And this is the Post’s entertainment blog’s post-UMS entry on the topic.

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One comment on “Denver bands I saw for the first time Saturday that I would totally go see again”

  1. 01

    I know, Married in Berdichev were insane, right? I love the vocal samples. And thanks fer da link…

    Johnny Boyeeeee at August 14th, 2007 around 11:12 am
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