It’s Saturday: Denver Post Underground Music Festival

August 8th, 2007

Denver Post Underground Music Festival
Hey y’all,

Saturday night my employer, the Post, throws its 7th-annual Underground Music Festival. Well, not Saturday night. Saturday afternoon, evening and night. It’s $10 before the show (tix at, $12 day-of. I don’t know half the bands playing, and that’s a whole bunch of the fun.

Here’s more info on the event:

Finally, just in case you’re curious, here’s a list of some of the bands, djs and comedy acts playing:

Bands playing:

  • Hot IQs
  • Born in the Flood
  • John Kuker & Trevor Trumble (of Everything Absent or Distorted)
  • Black Lamb
  • Ian Cooke
  • Cowboy Curse
  • Machine Gun Blues
  • Porlolo
  • the Swayback
  • Tarmints
  • Laylights
  • Dent
  • Signal to Noise
  • Jeff Suthers (of Bright Channel)
  • Monofog
  • the Omens
  • D. Biddle
  • Frontside Five
  • Bela Karoli
  • Thank God For Astronauts
  • Lion Sized
  • Roger Green
  • Nathan McGarvey and Stephen Till (of Nathan + Stephen)
  • Gregory Alan Isakov
  • Bad Luck City
  • Reverend Deadeye
  • Ghost Buffalo
  • Rachael Pollard
  • George&Caplin
  • Jim McTurnan (of Cat-A-Tac)
  • Kissing Party
  • Magic Cyclops
  • Jim Yelenick
  • Big Timber
  • Vonnegut
  • Joe Sampson
  • Me Llamo Rosa
  • Walking Into Drawings
  • Stung By Bees
  • Bad Weather California
  • Pee Pee
  • Haley Helmericks and Doug Spencer (of Monofog)
  • American Relay
  • Astrophagus
  • Mark Darling
  • Killfix
  • Patrick Meese (of Meese)
  • Dualistics
  • Joshua Novak
  • Fucking Orange
  • the Wheel
  • Blue Million Miles
  • Widowers
  • Action Packed Thrill Ride
  • the Inconsolable
  • Married in Berdichev
  • Pictureplane
  • Ben Bergstrand (of Cowboy Curse)
  • Jonathan Byerley
  • the Archive
  • Jim Cleveland and Eric Larson (of The Life There Is)
  • Jack Redell
  • Eulalie
  • Paper Bird


  • Michael Trundle
  • Tyler Jacobson
  • the Postman
  • Dragondeer
  • Peter Black
  • El Brian
  • DJ Kate
  • DJs Nathan + Stephen
  • DJ Fancy Tiger
  • Jason Roth
  • emcee Sid Pink


  • Ben Kronberg
  • Greg Baumhauer
  • Maureen Hobbs

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