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December 10th, 2007

Hey y’all,

Here’s a bunch of stuff that’s awesome and you oughta know:

  • JJ, whose photo portfolio web site I built, is selling a book of his detailed Chicago photography for 30 bucks. Thirty bucks! That makes a great gift!
  • My employer, The Denver Post, won an Online News Association award last month for “General Excellence” among medium-sized english-language news web sites. What that means: They think we’re the best among the middle-sized news sites. I know you can’t see what our web site looked like or how it worked, but in the past 15 months its really gotten a whole lot better.
  • My friend Vinnie, who is a master at Tetris, also makes a monthly radio show. Not only that, if you’re on the internet you can listen to it.
  • I’m working on a database of all the Ms. Pac Man arcade games in Denver. It’s going to be awesome. I already have a lot of it built. I need to know where more Ms. PacMan games in Denver are. If you know of any (besides the one at the Lion’s Lair and the lame lame shitty Galaga-MsPacMan combo one at the Bank), hey, drop me a line. Also, if you’re an expert at Ms. PacMan I’d like to play you. I haven’t lost for years. Fools keep steppin’ up, and stepping right on back down again.

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