Bombed my first black diamond last week

March 23rd, 2008

Okay, so I’m still a noob with all the snowboard lingo, but this I know: I stuck / bombed / went down my first black diamond run last week. It was the Last Hoot run at Keystone, and I carved the heck outta all but one really steep part of it. Awesome, right? Sure.

My friends Holiday and Mia were in town for Mia’s 30th birthday, and I got three days on the slopes with them and their crew.

I also stuck some sweet shots with my camera on the slopes — here are a couple of them:

Snowboarder carving

There was a crew of carebears on the mountain that day that I ran into at a few different points.
Blue bear at the top of the slope:
Carebears, 1

I was with blue bear as he had trouble going down the slope, and shot this photo right as he met up with the bears that had waited behind for him:
Carebears, 2

Carebears 3, in repose

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One comment on “Bombed my first black diamond last week”

  1. 01

    well done! feels good don’t it.

    the care bears cracked me up. i bet those suits are really warm.

    hubs at March 24th, 2008 around 10:03 pm
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