Hey, weekend: the Post’s Underground Music Showcase (translate: awesome local bands)

July 29th, 2008

Last year I went to my first DPUMS (Denver Post Underground Music Showcase). Had a great time and saw tons of music I wouldn’t have otherwise seen. It’s a browser’s market — with so many venues so close together you can keep walking until you find something you like. Okay, sure, this may look like a shill for my employer, but I’d be writing all these same words (except for “my employer”) even if I didn’t work for the Post.

It’s a strong local effort for a newspaper that calls itself the voice of freakin’ Colorado, and I love me a good strong local effort.

It’s this weekend, and this year it’s two days instead of one. You can buy a two-day pass for $22 (with service charge). Apparently there is no option if you only want to go one day. That’s kind of a lame way to “keep things simple,” and I hope I’m wrong about it, but from surfing the Denver Post Underground Music Showcase website I can’t see any other way.

So, yeah. If you have the means, you oughta go.

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