Tetris League Denver makes the Denver Post

July 14th, 2008

This is how it happened: Three weeks ago I was coding away at work, and the Post’s features editor came by to check out the day’s Rocky. We were chatting, he asked how my girlfriend was, and I told him “We’re going to Tetris League tomorrow, it’s the only competitive tetris league in the country.” That apparently was the right thing to say, because three hours later I got an email asking for more details on this Tetris League thing.

Two days later a reporter (Brian Malnes) and a photog (Karl Gehring) were among the few dozen at the monthly tetris match, and today there’s an article about Tetris League in the Denver Post.

I felt a little nervous about it, what with me working for the Post and all. My co-workers on the online team knew I play competitive tetris, and some of them knew I was pretty good at it (according to the Tetris League site I’m the best player to never have won it all). But if there’s any video game out there that’s a contender for an Olympic sport, it’s tetris. And if any ship is going to sail into Olympic-land, it’s going to be flying the Tetris League flag. Tetris League. Last Wednesday of every month. Check it out.

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