DNC, Days 2 and 3: Anti-Vacation

August 28th, 2008

Work is not vacation, but it’s not anti-vacation. When you’re around a group of people on vacation and you’re working, that’s, well, too bad. But when you’re around a big group of people having fun while you’re staring at a screen for double-digit hours on the day, watching them on their fancy vacation on that screen: that, that is anti-vacation.

Not that staring at a screen is bad… I mean, it’s what I’m doing right now, and I’m not paid for this. And having the DNC in town is exciting — it makes Denver feel like a city. There’s a Chicago level of folk walking the street. There are protesters. And buttons. I have seen more photos of dead, mutilated fetuses in the past week than I have my entire life. The anti-abortion protesters are doing a swell job of raising my awareness of how classy they are — but heck, this isn’t about being classy. It’s about people without a voice-through-standard-power-structure-means making their voice heard in do-it-yourself style. Unfortunately, this DIY method of voice-raising doesn’t go much further than yelling. Or getting arrested. Or some combination of the two.

And I’m painting the protesters with the same glossy wash that they paint their opposition … heh, heck, I’ve seen one civil conversation between folk who disagreed, and if there has been one civil exchange of ideas and facts I bet there have been more. Go, discourse, go.

So, work. A lovely problem reared its head Monday: javascript files hosted on our corporate parent’s server weren’t loading for users of InternetExplorer 6 unless said users force-refreshed their browsers. That means 25 percent of our audience, and 99 percent of our newsroom, weren’t seeing a bunch of important to semi-important stuff on denverpost.com. That problem still rages, and it’s not being blamed on me anymore.

The newsroom Tuesday was slow and I got out after eight hours. Wednesday was twelve straight hours of stuff. Getting into the breaking-news zone’s exciting, but then that part of me asks “yeah it’s exciting for you, but do people out there really care?” There’s a lot of one-way thinking in newsrooms when it comes to news judgment. I write that because of the ridiculous lack of attention given to the reasons people click the things they click on any given news site that I’ve observed and participated in at all (both) the newspapers I’ve worked at. Anyway.

The Denver Post reporters are doing a wonderful job of leaping into this DNC Twitter age — we’re out-tweeting the Rocky on the trivial stuff (celebs) and the important stuff too. That’s fun. I nabbed a news-tip tweet from a follower that turned into an article today. You can see the whole history of Post DNC tweets here… these updates are now also running on the PoliticsWest homepage, and in the DNC sidebar that runs on lots of our articles.

My boss said CNN took inspiration from the Post’s homepage lead-photo treatment in their layout — they look similar, certainly, and CNN launched that after we did.

Non-work: Yesterday a group of revolutionary-minded ruffians took tea bags to the pool in Civic Center park. When I find photos of the brown water I will share. Also, people were protesting bird porn (meh), and others were protesting Pepsi … asking them to bring back Crystal Pepsi.

And for some strange reason, this photo of this Falun Dafa float from Monday has more than 6000 page views. I don’t get it.

Also, tonight I went to the MSNBC outdoor stage by Union Station to watch their wrap-up hour. Man their shit’s fancy.

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