I’m going to call this “Pre-DNC, Day 1”

August 20th, 2008

It’s gettin hectic in the day-job newsroom land. The DNC’s a few days away, and my to-do and get-this-done-right-now lists started exploding as of yesterday. Same goes for everyone, and it’s exciting. I got my Colorado Press Association press pass yesterday — the first press pass I’ve has since interning at the Kenosha News in 1997.

Today the Denver Post’s home-page got a HTML nip-and-tuck treatment — it now loads lot faster, and for those who know why this matters, we exchanged about 50% of the tables on the site for CSS. Then there’s the Akamai caching of our apps servers, another app server transfer, twitter and feed scrapers, this online quiz app I gotta get out the door … it goes on. I sent 42 emails today, had four meetings, and worked overtime. Answered four phone calls, and made another three. I hardly ever talk on the phone at my job. Talked with the guy from the Weather Channel about the Denver Weather-O-Meter — the Weather Channel had been the worst at forecasting Denver weather … until this week, when they somehow turned it around and got out of the cellar.

Sixteen months ago, when Denver got notice it would be the location of the DNC, I was skeptical about all the effort and attention the Post was putting into this one-off event. I’m still slightly skeptical, but man this is going to be fun.

Oh yeah, and also, I converted my mom’s resume from a Claris Works document (.cwk) into an .rtf today. For those who don’t remember, Claris Works was acquired by Filemaker back in 1998. I’m a champ.

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    Hey Joe – Hah! I knew I’d find you out here somewhere. I miss ya much. How have you been?

    Sheri at January 15th, 2009 around 5:23 pm
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