Pre-DNC, Day 2: Cookies

August 21st, 2008

At the start of the pep rally management told us “We’ve got McCain cookies and Obama cookies, but if you eat them you’ll have to take one of each [to maintain journalistic objectivity].” Yeah, there was a pep rally. And, yeah, there were cookies at that rally. I haven’t been to a pep rally since high school. This one traded pom-poms for cookies and chants for speeches and plans. We got Denver Post DNC commemorative pins at the end. The cookies has something about surviving the DNC on them …

Otherwise, on today’s stage I had sexy server stuff, super-sexy CSS stuff, 40 sent emails, another warranty-scam phone call, a bowl of jelly beans, a kitten photo, an attempt to explain why twitter matters to the newsroom during this DNC, and … the Denver Post Pep Rally.

Lunch I met up with Ricardo and John, music and theater reporters. We ate cheeseburgers. On the walk back John nailed the awesome part of covering the DNC: “The best part of the DNC is there aren’t any editors saying, ‘oh, well, we did it this way before,’ because nobody here has done this before.”

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