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October 29th, 2008

bacon. I’ve been using that word a lot this week. This month. Yeah, really, this year. This week the new band I’m in, The Bacon Lobby, released our first song and music video. It’s called Bacon Man, and it’s about Obama. Sometimes we call it Obama Bacon Man. It goes “O–bama bacon man, make it in the frying pan, can he make it yes he can, O–bama bacon man.” I wrote most of those words, Sarah wrote some, and Joachim put it all together on the track and the video. Here’s the first, original video, by Joachim:

And here’s the second cut of the video, done by Mat:

You can get more information on the Obama Bacon Man song — credits, the story behind it, etc. on here. If you’d like to help spread the Bacon Word, here’s a list I typed up of stuff you can do to help.

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