Eight haikus about Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban

May 13th, 2009

Here are 8 haikus I wrote today about Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. All but one or two were written before the Denver Nuggets played the Mavericks in game 5 of their NBA playoffs series tonight.

Mark Cuban is a
rich businessman who owns the
Dallas Mavericks

He doesn't really
know how to play basketball,
But yell? Yes he does.

In Japan, they call
him Maku Kuban. In the
U.S., he's "that guy."

Mark Cuban said that
Kenyon Martin was a punk.
Welcome to third grade.

Cuban yelled that at
Kenyon's mom, and then wrote a
lame apology.

Cuban has two kids.
His daughters are experts at
razzing opponents.

Cuban appeared on
The Simpsons. Have you been on
The Simpsons? No, no.

News Flash: The Dallas
Mavericks' next game is in
November. Cry, Mark.

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