Taking care of @ColoradoTweets

May 28th, 2009

Today the COTweeters group-tweet list (where anyone can send their tweets to the group, and the whole group gets them) succumbed to spam-bots. It had been getting worse and worse in the past four weeks.

The bot-spammers are now winning over on COTweets, so I went and created a new Colorado group-tweet list, ColoradoTweets, that works in much the same way, but has a few more rules that should help keep it from turning into a noisy ugly hot mess.

To break it down:

  • Only tweets that *start* with (as opposed to contain) @ColoradoTweets will be published. This fixes one of COTweeters’ weaknesses.
  • Any tweet with “RT” in it, or “Follow Friday” (and variants) will be ignored.
  • If @ColoradoTweets isn’t following you, you can tweet to it, but those tweets won’t be broadcast to the group until @ColoradoTweets follows you.
  • Abusing the list with repetitive, promotional tweets, is a sure ticket to a blocking.

The goal here is to have a list that takes the pulse of Colorado folk on twitter, that can help people who have questions about something Colorado, and is interesting. Thoughts? Post ’em here.


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4 comments on “Taking care of @ColoradoTweets”

  1. 01

    Really pleased to see your coloradotweets. I wasn’t up to coding a solution for the very real problem we were having on cotweeters. If there is anything i can do to help out let me know.

    Goldie Katsu at May 30th, 2009 around 9:05 pm
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  2. 02

    Hey Joe. Care to share the code you used to make this?

    hubs at June 1st, 2009 around 8:28 am
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  3. 03

    Hey Hubs,

    Good question — I should get it up on google code. It’s not perfect right now, and it’s not in a repository, but getting it out there would be useful to others.


    Joe Murphy at June 13th, 2009 around 12:39 pm
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  4. 04

    Would like to use the code too – glad to see a replacement for @cotweeters.

    Lisa at June 28th, 2009 around 10:38 am
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