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Paragraphs I liked in today’s Chicago Trib column about the Chicago Bears, Sox, Cubs and Blackhawks

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Rick Morrissey wrote a bang-up Sunday piece for the sports section of the Chicago Tribune today. It’s about Chicago’s sports teams, and what the heck is happening / going to happen to ’em. Here are my favorite paragraphs: What’s happening in our town does have a certain scent to it, a very familiar Chicago bouquet. […]

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Notes, photos, bits, awards, blurbs, music, Ms. Pac Man, stuff

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Hey y’all, Here’s a bunch of stuff that’s awesome and you oughta know: JJ, whose photo portfolio web site I built, is selling a book of his detailed Chicago photography for 30 bucks. Thirty bucks! That makes a great gift! My employer, The Denver Post, won an Online News Association award last month for “General […]

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Slax got music / launched a solo album / it’s good!

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Virb’s yet another social networking site, and it’s a place you can listen to my friend Tom’s (music name Tommy Slax) new album. If you dig it you can buy tracks from the album (The Spaulding Years) here… it’s an interesting site — tracks are about 16 cents a pop, but the more people who […]

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Outta debt!

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

My last credit card balance went away it went away it’s gone it might come back but not like before nope not like it was before heck yeah woop woop woop woop woooooooooop yeah I know debt’s irresponsible but honest I’ve got an excuse I was in my twenties and you’re dumb when you’re in […]

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Denver, meet, erm, ‘sex rock’

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Hey, so Tuesday night (at 9 p.m.) my Chicago friends Jack Flash and Gretta Fine bring their band Bang! Bang! to the 15th Street Tavern in Denver. They call Bang! Bang! “sex rock,” but it’s more like glam-lick rock. I’ve followed Bang! Bang! since they started — at first because they were friends, and now […]

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D wrote a book

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

My former client and current friend Daniel Grissom just published his first book, “Step-Up!: The 6 Steps for Achieving Rapid Results” (you can check out the free chapter here (pdf)). Back in my Joe Design days I helped D with his Ph.D. In Results site.

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Plan: Awesome Summer

Monday, February 12th, 2007

Winter? Don’t care for it. Spring? Those frigid Chicago springs turned me off on the concept. Summer? Awesome. The hotter the better. Walking back from the grocer yesterday I got an thought, and I’m laying out the start of that thought here. It’s a plan called… Awesome Summer The first question is: What makes for […]

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Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Found this while going through old photos last night. It’s me and my dad when he visited me in Chicago (and I took him around the city on the back of my motorcycle. We got a few funny looks from people). Summer of 2002…. five years sure passes fast these days…

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Off to a weird start

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Update: Found a new reason for happy: I found the mp3 of the cover of Paul Simon’s Graceland by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. It’s superb, one of the best “make it your own”-type covers I know.

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My old Chicago

Sunday, July 17th, 2005

From an email I wrote this week… About Chicago — I don’t know about Chicago. It’s big which means there are lots of people doing lotsa stuff. It’s spread out. There are many scenes, though I never participated in any. I found adventure, which makes me glad, and I learned a lot about music there […]

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